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Duration: 6 Days 5 Nights

Destination: Paro, Thimphu

About this Tour:
Bhutan known as The Land of Last Shangri-La, because of the pristine environment with peace and happiness certainly offers an ideal environment for meditation, yoga and other practices for inner wellbeing. Ever since the great Indian tantric master, Guru Rinpoche, visited Bhutan in the eighth century and meditated in a cave in Taktshang, Paro, numerous Buddhist saints and masters have come in search of Bhutan to meditate and have left behind an invaluable spiritual legacy. This Spiritual Meditation & Yoga Tour will be link with this kind of legacy where great Buddhist masters practice spiritual meditation and blessed the hermitage or Retreat Centre in a solitude environment making Bhutan the perfect destination for this kind of tour package. So our itinerary includes meditation near sacred places with cultural tours around the country. BHTC will try to arrange space in monasteries or temples for meditation where permissible..

About Us

Bhutan Hospitality Travel Club is one of the top travel company in Bhutan where we focus on providing quality tours to our valuable guest. Hospitality tours are our main focus area where we provide the best Hospitality service to our guest. Our other specialisation are as follows:
~ Cultural Tours
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