Unlike many developing countries, Bhutan has placed environmental conservation and cultural preservation at the core of its development strategy. Bhutan offers remarkable experience in exploring wildlife Adventures. The main focused of Special Tours is to provide comfort and personal service while making sure we protect and respect the environment. We have a skilled & friendly crew, as well as an experienced guide on every tour. For all the travelers who wish to explore and pursue more on the passion, we offer our best of what we have.

The special tour we offer:


Bhutan is a photographer’s paradise, a living museum of art and culture, with stunning landscapes and glory of natural beauty at its best. Photography tours explore this unique and photogenic country in the company of excellent guides. This tour is intended for people with all levels of interest and accomplishment in digital photography. While the emphasis will be on photography, this is also a cultural journey, which we believe will enhance your ability to capture the essence of Bhutanese life in your images. Bhutan has large areas of woodlands, interspersed with farms and villages and dotted with towns and monasteries on hills and ridges. Our journey will explore this glorious land in depth. Everywhere there is something of compelling beauty, curiosity, and interest; brilliant architecture, classic landscapes, and the daily life of the people themselves.


Bhutan’s reverence for birds is exhibited on the Royal Raven Crown of the Druk Gyalpo (King). The National bird is the Raven. About 770 species of birds have been recorded in Bhutan and the kingdom is recognized as one of the 221 global endemic bird areas. Birds in Bhutan can be found from the glacial alpine regions of the north to the sweltering tropics of the south. Bhutan is home to one of the most endangered bird species in the world; the White Bellied Heron and endangered Black Necked Crane.


Bhutan, often described as a natural paradise, offers rare and enchanting biking pleasures. Our cycling tours will help you in your exploration and admiration of the country’s natural beauty. Bhutan’s mountainous topography offers cycling enthusiasts a fascinating adventure with its exciting routes and meandering highways, not to mention a tough challenge as you tackle the high passes!

As you progress along the route, you will see frequent changes in vegetation and temperature, as you gradually descend from the alpine heights into the temperate regions and again scale the heights. The routes offer picturesque scenery and idyllic medieval villages and towns resplendent with cultural richness.

Cycling tours in Bhutan can range from 6 to 15 days depending on your choice of route and budget. Bikers can bring their own cycles or we can hire them for you locally. We provide vehicle back-up throughout the tour so that you have an opportunity to travel by car when exhausted and weary.


You can customise the itinerary based on your requirements so please contact us and we will provide you with detailed itinerary